Review: ‘KPOP Store In USA’

In Doraville, GA, on the corner of a little shopping center just off Buford Hwy, there’s a small store called ‘KPOP Store in USA.’ The owners of the family-run shop are incredibly personable and sweet, and they take genuine interest in you and your interests.

Personally, KPOP Store in USA is my go-to for all things KPOP, whether it be the newest EXO or BTS albums, or an older SHINee or Super Junior album, or a less mainstream group like A.C.E or B1A4’s discographies. The wide variety of stock means that every fandom can always count on having something from their faves.

In a convenient location, KPOP Store in USA has fans from all over Atlanta coming to visit and find merch/albums for their faves.

You can find the KPOP Store in USA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under the handle @/kpopstoreinusa!

When you’re given the opportunity, we highly recommend visiting KPOP Store in USA for the culture of friendliness and enjoyment, and to buy your faves albums!


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