The Unit Final Results

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On February 10th, 2018, The Unit aired its final episode, thus announcing the final rankings and members of its units, Unit G and Unit B. Each group was voted on and chosen by viewers. We didn’t vote because we couldn’t choose between all the amazing contestants, tbh.

Here are the final results for The Unit.

UNIT B (The Boys)

  1. U-KISS‘s Jun
  2. BIGFLO‘s Euijin
  3. HOTSHOT‘s Hojung
  4. BIGSTAR‘s Feeldog
  5. H.B.Y’s Marco
  6. Newkidd‘s Ji Hansol
  7. MADTOWN‘s Daewon
  8. IM‘s Gijung
  9. A.C.E‘s Chan

UNIT G (The Girls)

  1. SONAMOO’s Euijin
  2. DIA’s Yebin
  3. NC.A
  4. Yoonjo
  5. Lee Hyun Joo
  6. Yang Jiwon
  7. Dal Shabet’s Woohee
  8. LABOUM’s ZN
  9. Lee Suji

These are the final results of the members moving on to fulfill duties as the subunits of The Unit.

Below, the 18 trainees that almost made the cut (ranks 10-18) are listed.

The Boys (Ranks 10-18)

  1. HOTSHOT’s Timoteo
  2. IMFACT’s JeUp
  3. Boyfriend’s Donghyun
  4. IM’s Hangyul
  5. 100%’s Rockhyun
  6. Boys Republic’s Suwoong
  7. MAS’s Dongmyeong
  8. MYNAME’s Seyong
  9. MADTOWN’s Lee Geon

The Girls (Ranks 10-18)

  1. Euna Kim
  2. GOOD DAY’s Jiwon
  3. DIA’s Somyi
  4. Matilda’s Semmi
  5. Matilda’s DanA
  6. Shin Ji Hoon
  7. Melody Day’s Chahee
  8. Lee Borim
  9. Melody Day’s Yeoeun

Congratulations to all the members who made it into their respective Units. We wish the best of luck to all trainees in their future endeavors!


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