EXO’s Universal Comeback

The insanely popular boy group, EXO, came back this week with their winter album ‘Universe‘ on December 26, and can we just say that we’re obsessed? The coffee themed music video definitely made us want a hefty cup of beans (roasted by the dudes of EXO, of course).

All the boys (with the exception of Lay, again), put out their newest winter album titled ‘Universe.’ The melody is slow and melancholy, and it leaves a taste reminiscent of the coffee they brew in the music video. The translations of the lyrics reflect sadness, regret, and nostalgia over times had and lost with someone they love.

EXO has been praised and revered by many for using terms like “you” and “me,” instead of “he” and “she.” Fans have voiced their approval of the new “gender neutral” take on love songs.

Tell us what you think about EXO’s comeback! Did you love it or shove it? Let us know in the comments!


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