Jonghyun’s Memory Around The World

The passing of Kim Jonghyun on Monday, December 18, shook the world and left SHAWOLs everywhere devastated. Many memorials for Jonghyun took place all across the globe. Memorials happened in major cities in America such as Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City, and in countries all around the world like Chile, Brasil, Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore. Many fans grieved the loss of Jonghyun who has been so close to our hearts for so long.

However, one thing that fans started to notice were instances that reminded them of Jonghyun.

At the memorial held in Atlanta, GA, a single display of flowers, pictures, notes, etc. were set up under a pavilion in Piedmont Park. The pavilion was lit from the interior, however the only functioning light was the one directly shining over the makeshift memorial – which glowed a pearl aqua color. The scene was described as chilly and almost eerie, especially once two of the street lamps started to glow pearl aqua.

Photo credits: @Ibby_Morris (myself) on Twitter

But, this incident in Atlanta wasn’t the only time that fans say Jonghyun made himself known to fans grieving his death. In countries all over the world, fans noticed that the moon shone itself a pearl aqua color on the days following Jonghyun’s passing.

Photo credits: To their respective owners. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the owners online.

Many believe that all these instances are just further proof that Jonghyun is still with us, regardless of his passing. It’s given many fans hope that he is watching over us all and is with us through everything.

Give us your thoughts. Is this a miracle or a sign that JJong is still with us, or is it just strange coincidences? Leave us a comment and let us know.


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